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Hilltop Concert Series

The Hilltop Concert Series is a family friendly event that showcases the best musicians throughout Colorado each Sunday night June 1 - Sept 1 from 5pm - 8pm

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Meet the artist and view their work at the various artist showcases throughout the year!

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Come and showcase your hidden (& unhidden) talents at our Open Mic Night, taking place Thursday nights from May to August.

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Featured Artist

Kensie Capraro

Kensie Capraro is a 26 year old mixed media artist from Clifton Co with experience in Polymer clay sculpting, Oil and pastel drawings, Acryllic on Canvas painting, and raw sketch work. Her artwork themes range from realistic scenery to mythical and magical creatures and everything in between. Her skills and experience come from self-taught exploration and the occasional help from her Grandmother, Nancy Terrill.